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Sleeving material to protect line ends and make handling easier.
Available in 5 sizes and 4 colours.

Sleeving will be required to protect the ends of your high performance kite lines.
Note: Sleeving tool required.
Sleeving Kit is available as an option. Kit includes steel sleever and sleeving in 2 colours for 1 line set and easy to follow instructions.

Sleeving (a hollow line) will be required to protect the ends of your high performance kite lines like climax PROTEC, Professional, Extreme or Dyneema.
Coloured sleeving has also other uses (i.e. to make connectors for attaching kite lines to kites 'pig tails').

Sleeving is available on its own in multiples of 5m or ask for 50m spools.

- 0.8mm (neon red / neon green)
- 1.5mm (neon red / neon green)

- 3.0mm (red / green)
- 3.0mm (neon green)
- 3.5mm (red / green)
- 4.0mm (red / green)

more info on sleeving:

Sleeving of high performance kite lines like climax PROTEC or Dyneema is recommended because each knot in a line is a weak spot.
If you tie an ordinary knot, the strength in the knot is reduced by about 50%.
Using a Lark's Head knot the strength is reduced by much less.
If in addition the line is protected by a sleeve the strength in a

Lark's Head knot is only reduced by 10 to 20%. High performance lines like climax PROTEC area also very slippery. If the line isn’t sleeved at the ends, the

line is difficult could slip through the knot or eventually cut through itself.

Using a different coloured sleeve or mark on the left and right line makes

identification easier.

Because of their smoothness Spectra and Dyneema if not sleeved are

difficult to knot.