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climax clean and safe
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Line care set. To protect and make your lines last longer.

Look after your lines and they last you longer.

Line care? Not necessary? Think again.
Your high performance kite line is an essential part of your kite gear that needs looking after.
We can offer a line cleaning and impregnation set that can enhance and prolong the life of your high performance lines.

The Soft Cleaner removes extreme fine dirt particles and other unwanted substances. Squeeze one large drop (no more) of cleaning fluid on to the provided cloth and pull the line through a few times. Contains UVA and UVB inhibitors to help extend the life of your line.
1 Bottle  cleaner - Enough fluid for about 80 applications.

The Soft Protector is a specially designed gel that gives the line a protective cover that protects the line and prevents dirt to enter between the fibres. The gel has UVA and UVB blocker that prolong the life of your line. Squeeze a large drop on to a cloth and pull the line through. Your line will feel a lot smoother. 
1 bottle protector - Enough fluid for about 100 applications.