Revolution EXP

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Rev EXP Blue - Beginner to Expert

234cm x 79cm
Frame: Special 3 Wrap carbon
Wind: 4-20mph 

Quad Handles included  - Kite line not included - Use 50-75daN climax Profi or Protec Kite Lines (ask if unsure)
Training DVD included

Watch it on You Tube:


Revolution high performance kites - the originator of 4 line flying, Revolution stunt kites (aka “Revs”) are truly multi-directional in flight. They have the ability to fly forward, backward, sideways, and even stop on a dime, or hover nearly motionless in mid-air. While some maneuvers require a certain wind range, experienced pilots can fly in all conditions from zero wind (indoors). They can even fly in winds nearly 50 miles per hour!

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