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About Us

We are Kites4U. We are one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of kites, accessories and related products. We focus on offering our customers a wide range of the latest and greatest products; manufactured from durable materials, sourced from ethical suppliers and supported with informed advice and guidance. We want to get more people flying.


Almost 25 years ago, Manni Kluge, a fast jet aviator and flight enthusiast, set up Kites4U as a way to share his passion for kite flying with others. Having started flying kites in the 80s, when the activity was popular both as a sport and hobby, he saw the joy and benefit that kites brought to peoples lives. With the recent fall in popularity, Manni is determined to reconnect the public with a long, lost pastime.  


Our customers come from all walks of life but share an appreciation for kites. They are families that enjoy outdoor activities with their children, kite enthusiasts and collectors, falconers that train their exotic birds using kites, kite aerial photographers, schools, universities and scout groups, to name just a few.


Why should you choose Kites4U? Apart from our sparkling customers service, dedicated support and in-depth understanding of the kite world, we are also proud of…


Our products:

We supply a wide range of high-quality kites for all purposes. Our product range includes: fly fun kites, specialist kites, inflatables, long line kites, aerobatic stunt and sport kites, power kites, decorative windsocks, windmills and hot air balloons, amongst others. Made from super durable materials, all of our kites are branded, well designed and come from respectable manufacturers – they aren’t cheap, dodgy imports.


Our suppliers:
Our main suppliers are: Ockert climax Kite Lines, Colours in Motion, HQ Invento, Elliot, Spiderkites, Into The Wind, George Peters Kites, Premier Kites, DIDAK to name just a few. Our suppliers are committed to manufacturing only the best kites in the business, which is why we can guarantee the safety, durability and performance of our products.

Our coverage:

Since 1992, we’ve been supplying our products to UK nationals and a growing body of international customers all over the world. We service clients in a number of countries, from Europe to Tahiti, the USA to New Zealand, Canada to Malaysia, and everywhere in between. Want to know if we’ll post to you? Just ask.

Our advice:
Manni is well known for giving good advice! If you would like any help in deciding which type of kite or line is right for you, please get in touch. If you give us a call and we don’t answer, please leave a message – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!