12 July 2008

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We supply kites, kite line, associated accessories and windsocks since 1992.

The easiest and most suitable kite for Falcon training is a DELTA shaped kite.

A delta kite is a high flyer with near vertical flight in the right wind conditions, little pull, excellent light wind capability and simple assembly.

We supply delta kites in a variety of wingspans. Deltas with 8, 9 or 11ft wingspan are usually best (prices start around 35.00).

Please note that I have just started this site. In the next few days I will make links to the kites, kite line and accessories that are suitable for you.

When considering larger kites above 9ft wingspan please ask for advice as sometimes the size is more for visual impact than for an aerodynamic advantage. A stronger frame that might be used in a larger kite could easily offset the advantage of a larger sail without giving you any benefit at all to fly in very light wind conditions. (You could be wasting your money.)

Use 40daN/80lbs High Quality Climax Braided Dacron line (Made in Germany).
We can supply kite line from 100m to any other length and or strength that you specify.
300m-500m/1000ft - 1500ft is usually the length that we are requested to supply.
Reels for storage are also available if required.

Please note that when flying at heights above 200ft/70m you will need to obey the rules laid down by the Air Navigation Order. You should request a clearance for flying higher from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

For a range of our products please have a look at the single line sections and kite line section on our secure online shop.

www.kiteparadise.co.uk or

Please remember that although our kites are made for kite flyers, they are an excellent tool for training your birds. We have been told that colour or design does not distract the bird.

Should you have any question or special kite or line requirements please get in touch.

And please take the time to look through all of our sections in our online shop.
You never know what you might come across.

Trade enquiries welcome.

Thank you for visiting our site.

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